What Benefits Am I Entitled To After A Car Accident?

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Being involved in a car accident can be traumatizing for both parties involved. The repercussions can cause a variety of complications and put someone’s entire life on hold. Those who received physical injuries and/or emotional distress might require months of medical treatment which might result in unemployment, not to mention six-figure hospital bills.

It’s easy to understand why so many people worry about their family’s livelihood after this potential loss of income and financial instability. But being prepared for these kinds of situations will pay off in the long run. With the right personal injury attorney, you can build a case to receive penance to lost funds, the so-called pain and suffering, and any unemployment after car accidents. So, altogether, what are you entitled to in a car accident and to what extent?

Unemployment After Car Accident

Some people find that they are unable to work after a car accident, and unfortunately, have to be let go in order for management to be able to fill the position. This can be due to an injury or the lack of transportation after the damage done to the car. In the instance of unemployment after car accidents, the driver at fault would be responsible for any of the missed earnings or income.

Either the insurance company or the attorney of the other driver will calculate that number on their own, but the person or people injured in the accident will be responsible for proving the exact amount of their monetary losses. One reason why it is particularly important to find an experienced personal injury attorney after an accident is, if you’ve been severely injured, you’ll have to figure out what you are entitled to, as far as disability benefits. This can be a difficult and confusing process for people unfamiliar with the industry.

Med Pay Insurance Benefits

Med Pay Insurance is an optional add-on to many car insurance policies that can save a lot of people a lot of time, effort, and money after a car accident. Med Pay Insurance benefits include payment for a combination of lost wages, medical expenses, and additional transportation costs. At least 13 states require car owners to have a Med Pay Insurance plan, with more than 30 others at least offering it.

What Are You Entitled To In A Car Accident?

So what are you entitled to in a car accident if the other driver is the one at fault? If you have insurance, that’s where most of your compensation will come from. However, if the plan won’t cover the incidentals, many people will hire attorneys to file a lawsuit against the other driver.

Depending on how well the case does, many drivers can see payment for missed overtime, salaries, vacation and sick days, bonuses, and other employee benefits. One of the most important aspects of the case is making sure that you and your attorney can provide specific examples and proof of those loses.

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