Do Minor Vehicle Accidents Need To Be Reported?

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The National Highway Traffic Administration says that “car accidents occur every minute of every day.”  Of course, not all of these are ten-car pile-ups or head-on collisions. Most of them are minor accidents such as fender benders or other low-speed accidents. Dealing with an insurance company can be difficult, confusing, and expensive. This is why most people hire an attorney to help deal with their insurance companies.

Everyone knows that major accidents have to be reported to both the police and your insurance company. But what about minor vehicle accidents? Well, legally, you have to report every accident, however big or small, to both your insurance company and state law. Most insurance companies even have it written in the contract. However, as far as insurance companies are concerned, they are aware that not all of their clients will report a minor vehicle accident. There are still a good amount of people who wish to just keep it between them and the other driver. But no matter how small the accident, you should report it to your insurance or call The Law Office of D. Chadwick Calvert.

Why You Should Report A Minor Vehicle Accident

By reporting an accident, you can trust that your insurance plan will protect you from liability for any injuries that your accident caused, which can arise days after the initial impact. If you don’t report the accident to your insurance, you will not receive protection from that, even if it was in your policy contract. Even a small fender-bender could result in a serious injury to your back, neck, or other body parts. At The Law Office of D. Chadwick Calvert, we always encourage victims of even a minor accident to call us immediately or go to the hospital for minor injuries. We are always available to offer guidance to our clients.

Each state has a set of criteria which determine what a minor accident is and what a major accident is. These typically include the cost of the repair and the severity of the accident. If the vehicle does not meet this criterion, some people don’t consider it necessary, or even beneficial, to report the accident to their insurance. It is also common for people to report minor vehicle accidents to the police or insurance company simple due to driver disagreements regarding who is at fault and what the total costs of repairs will be.

When It Isn’t Necessary To Report A Minor Vehicle Accident

Since you wouldn’t be making an insurance claim, there is no need to report an accident in which you damaged your own property. Unfortunately, if you have done something like backing into your mailbox or knocking off your side view mirror when squeezing into your garage, you will not receive compensation from your insurance carrier.

Here are some other reasons that you might not need to report a car accident:

–          There was little or no injury to your car or person.
–          If it was simple cosmetic damage, like a scratch or dent.
–          If the cost of repairs is going to be inexpensive.
–          If you and the other driver both agree to deal with matters on your own.

At the end of the day, the main reason people don’t report minor vehicle accidents to their insurance company is that, if it is their fault, their insurance rates will go up. For some people, it’s just not worth it. But it is ultimately your decision if you want to involve your insurance carrier, law enforcement, or legal representation in the event of an auto accident. As we mentioned before, we do urge everyone to utilize their insurance company’s protection. If you wish to have assistance in this process, as it can be overwhelming to many people, you can consult a law firm like the Law Office of D. Chadwick Calvert.

Law Office of D. Chadwick Calvert represents people involved in everything from tractor trailer and motorcycle to pedestrian and 18-wheeler auto accidents. Through our practice, you will feel confident that you will be getting the best representation possible, at the best rates. In fact, you won’t even pay a dime in legal fees unless we win the case! For representation for auto accidents, as well as slip and falls and personal injuries, call (303) 952-4604.