Doctor putting bandage on a patient
When you're involved in a car accident, you need to see a doctor immediately afterward. Even if you feel fine, the fact remains that injuries are common in car accidents. You could have something wrong without even knowing it, and not getting the issue diagnosed and documented by a medical professional would be a huge mistake.

Just in case you're still not convinced you need to see a doctor, consider these very common accident injuries.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are some of the most serious types of injuries that people sustain in car accidents. And unfortunately, these injuries are also quite common.

After an accident, consider whether you struck any part of your head against the car. If your forehead went into the steering wheel or if the back of your head slammed against the headrest, you'll want to see a doctor.

Even if you don't have pain after an accident, there could be a lurking problem that you're not aware of. Plus, head injuries can lead to serious problems like brain damage or concussions, so they are definitely not something to take your chances with. Just pay a quick visit to the doctor. Even if everything seems fine, you'll want to keep a close eye on how you feel over the next few days.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Sometimes people need to worry not about their heads but about things like their muscles and tendons. These areas of the body are called "soft tissue" and can easily be injured in car accidents.

In an accident, you might whip your head around, stiffen your neck, or make some other sudden movement that puts strain on soft tissue. The result of this strain is called whiplash. Alternatively, you might injure your back or some other soft part of the body due to the impact.

No matter what happens, if you feel stiffness or pain in these types of areas, you'll definitely want to get checked by a doctor. Just be aware that these symptoms sometimes take time to show up. You can’t just assume you're fine if you feel okay after an accident.

Extremity Injuries

You have probably never considered that the arms, hands, legs, and feet can easily be injured in a car accident. The truth is, however, that they can. Fortunately, when these parts of the body are injured, it is most commonly due to strain or stress.

Of course, there are some more serious incidents in which these parts of the body may actually be severed. A person can even lose a limb if an injury begets infection. The possibility of amputation is yet another reason to seek prompt medical assistance after an accident.

Broken Bones

Another type of injury commonly sustained in a car accident is broken bones. While you will typically know you have a broken bone due to the pain, mild breaks can sometimes go unnoticed without proper medical intervention.

Furthermore, people often do not realize the severity of broken bones until later. In light of other people’s experience, you don’t want to take your chances. Have any pain or discomfort checked out, and opt for x-rays if there is a chance that the underlying bone may be broken.

As you can see, all kinds of injuries can be sustained in a car accident. This is why it is important to take the accident seriously even if it seems like no big deal. Your health is always a big deal, and you should do whatever you can to protect it. This means that after an accident, you need to see a doctor.

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